Our Vision

Simply + Consistent = Astounding Results

Kathleen Checki, CEO / President & Founder

"Simply Consistent is a management company, our job is managing our extraordinary, exclusive, patrician clients’, their legacies and their dreams" Kathleen Checki

Simply Consistent Management clients excel because our organization maintains a collaborative approach for success. Simply Consistent works across all barriers to forge and establish intelligent, inventive solutions that result in exceptional profits, notoriety and allow our clients to exhale. Knowing, learning, creating, respecting and relating are extremely important processes in our organization.

"When Kathleen Checki founded Simply Consistent, she ventured into the world of taking a concept and turning it into a reality. Through her creativity, vision and excellent skills in problem-solving, Kathleen shaped Simply Consistent through risk taking, personal responsibility, trust, and collaboration. The results have been nothing less than spectacular. Kathleen built Simply Consistent based on the simple philosophy that has made her and her clients successful for the last ten years. That philosophy is that it is imperative to simply and consistently seize opportunities, maintain your vision and integrity, support an environment with a hunger for innovation, and have the willingness to take risks while believing in and trusting the great minds that work with you. Kathleen Checki has proven that her equation works time and time again.

Kathleen Checki successes come from a variety of life experiences, including a 15-year background in retail, where her results were outstanding and she won various awards. Her seven years in the medical profession where she tripled client’s profit by initiates addiction therapy, concierge patient programs, and various other patient-oriented programs and incorporated various products and services. Simply Consistent Management has worked with celebrities in all areas of entertainment and has raised careers to the next level. Simply Consistent has also rejuvenated careers that resulted in Grammy. Emmy and many other awards. Whether Kathleen Checki is working with Hollywood celebrities, entrepreneurs, authors or the scientific community, her versatile skills and personal vision always lead to a successful outcome.

Simply Consistent is exclusive and currently taking new clients or productions on a referral basis only. Thanks to all of the families, artists, estates, and clients, we currently represent for making this possible!