Exquisite Talent + Avant-garde Management = Miraculous Success

"Simply Consistent is an award winning management firm, prosperously managing extraordinary clients’, their dreams and legacies" Kathleen Checki

Simply Consistent provides diverse types of management services, which include; artist,  business,entertainment, estate, personal .medical and talent etc.  Simply Consistent has 15 years of solid management experience,representing a multitude of exceptional and creative personalities, spanning from Grammy Award winner Etta James,Oriental Trading Company CEO., Terry Watanabe, Marilyn Winthrop. David  A.Kipper MD.,as well as  other extraordinary, patrician clients. 

Simply Consistent Management represents an elite, exclusive, and selective clientage of high-profile celebrity clientele and pecuniary resource clients. Consequently, Simply Consistent manages among others, writers, directors, actors, singers, children, producers, ,musicians, authors ,recording artists, songwriters, publishing companies, photographers, film producers, radio personage, actors, directors, models, executives,CEO's, doctors,  therapists , small businesses, individuals,and  celebrities .

If you are at the cusp of greatness or have achieved the summit of success, the team at Simply Consistent will ensure that creatively and financially, you and your career are being managed completely and flawlessly. Kathleen Checki

Simply Consistent is exclusive and currently taking new clients or productions, on a referral basis only. Thanks to all of the families, artists, estates, and clients we represent for making this possible!