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Your Talent + Our Corporate and Creative Chief = Profitable Business

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David A. Kipper MD


   Simply Consistent was honored to represent Etta James for fifteen  years.    

"Simply Consistent is dedicated to providing sound financial and business guidance for high - profile individuals,their families and business. With privacy at the heart of every matter, Simply Consistent gives superior personalized attention to every client. With an objective viewpoint, we develop innovative solutions, strategies, and insightful advice to handle whatever turns or challenges life may take. Consequently, this ensures our client's financial and personal excellence and success."Kathleen Checki.

Simply Consistent Management services are custom tailored to fit each client's unique lifestyle and needs. The client is in control and Simply Consistent is accountable to the client. Therefore simplifying our customer's life by keeping close tabs on the day-to-day details while assisting in achieving the clients long- and short-term goals.

Additionally, Simply Consistent provides along with the Business Management service, Life Management ( Concierge Management). The objective is to bring greater peace of mind to the client.  It is about the consumer's life, and how they define it.

"Simply Consistent alleviates the need to be involved in the minutia of day-to-day activities, which opens the door to pursue your creative aspirations." Kathleen  Checki.

Kathleen Checki ,the President of Simply Consistent, has enforced a corporate culture that diligently guards the privacy and confidentiality of all client's.

The mission is to exceed expectations in operating our client’s businesses by providing information and input in a clear and concise manner that enables Simply Consistent Management client's to make sound financial and career decisions to achieve their goals.

Named the top business management firm in Los Angeles, New Jersey and New York for five years in a row

Our clients include:

* Attorneys                                                                                                              


* Business Professionals

* Celebrities

* Entertainment Industry

* High Net-Worth Individuals, families, and estates.

* Musicians

 *News Anchors

* Non-Profits and Foundations

* Physicians (various specialties)

 *Reality TV Stars

* Small Business Owner 

* Trust/Inheritance Recipients and much more

                                                                   We have over 15 years of experience

                                                       A small glimpse of what  simply Consistent does:

  • Account Receivable, Payable, Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Financial Forecasting and Planning
  • Facilitate Business Relationships
  • Tour Planning and Accounting
  • Comprehensive Cash Management
  • Contract Review and Analysis
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Negotiation Support
  • Royalty Accounting, Analysis & Audit
  • Business Opportunity Analysis and Evaluation
  • Record payroll processed by client’s third party vendor
  • Valuations of Intellectual Property
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Equity Relationships
  • Tax Planning, Compliance