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Etta James, the true essense of the woman

Mick Mars

Kathleen Checki and Actor Paul Anthony Stewart

A partnership with Simply Consistent Management will serve to increase profit margins and cause you and your business to flourish, while allowing you to do what you do best. Etta James partnership with Simply Consistent Management for over eleven years resulted in a Grammy Award, a review by Martin Scorsese, numerous awards and the movie Cadillac Records with Beyonce Knowles. Simply Consistent presently works with the Etta James Estate.

A personal manager is responsible for everything that enhances the development of a performing artist's career.  A personal manager is not a business manager (whose role is to provide accounting, investment, and other financial services. In the entertainment industry "Manager" and "Personal Manager" are usually interchangeable terms for the person who plans the big picture of the artist's career and manages the day-to-day responsibilities of the artist's business life. A personal manager is the artist's representative, and acts as liaison between their clients and both the public and theatrical agent, publicists, label, studio, publisher, talent agency, touring personnel, attorneys, business managers, and other professionals and anyone else associated with the artist's business. A manager works closely with the artist's publicists and stylists to create and maintain the artist's image. Depending on how hectic the artist/business schedule is, we also manage aspects of the artist's/business owner’s personal life such as hiring household staff, finding contractors, hiring doctors, nurses, personal assistants.

A personal manager advises and counsels talent and personalities in the entertainment industry. Personal managers have the expertise to find and develop new talent and create opportunities and develop marketing strategies for those artists which they represent. 

From simple suggestions, to complex negotiations, to long term career plans, a personal manager lives the artist's career every day behind the scenes. The manager's commitment to and involvement in the artist's career is one hundred percent. The personal manager is the driving force breaking through the barriers of frustration and difficulty ,so often encountered in the entertainment industry. A personal manager is the person who believes in and keeps fighting for a client when all others have given up.

Our personal manager and consultant is an expert business leader with a record of success demonstrated through diverse management experience in the celebrity, private, public, and nonprofit sectors. We consistently accomplish objectives across an array of complex and rapidly changing business and personal scenarios for our clients. We are adaptive, creative and improve efficiencies while reducing expenses, optimizing performance and profitability, always adding quantifiable value to your image and brand. Kathleen Checki our President has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and no one has ever had their confidentiality or personal life exposed.