Simply Prodigious + Consistent Implementation = Unprecedented Results

Actress Nicolette Sheridan

Simply Consistent, is a management firm dedicated to managing, selective, exclusive, award winning, celebrities, high- net worth clients, charities and businesses. A partnership with Simply Consistent results in a profit increase of a minimum of 25%, image recognition and protection, celebrity damage control.  In addition, Simply Consistent's team of experts includes; lawyers, doctors, accountants etc., who are unique, committed,, experienced, eclectic, resourceful, professional and driven by making the client's goals, dreams and desires achieved with unprecedented results to revel in.

Singer-Songwriter Katy Perry, Kathleen Checki

Award winning Simply Consistent Management works in collaboration with the client, combining our strengths to form partnerships that enable us to realize our combined goals, and exceed them". Kathleen Checki

"Simply Consistent alleviates the need to be involved in the minutia of day-to-day activities, which opens the door to pursue your creative aspirations.

Simply Consistent is exclusive and taking new clients or productions.,on a referral basis only. Thanks to all of our current families, artists and clients  for making this possible!