Creative + Direction = Production

Beyonce KnowlesSimply Consistent Productions is an innovative boutique production company. We simply and consistently produce fresh, award-winning work for renowned entertainers, musicians, actors, directors, agencies, and brands worldwide. Whether it is Commercials, Music Videos, Films, Entertainment, Branded Content, Charity Event, Web Presence, Books or any sort of vision we are experienced enough to take on any production challenge.We Simply and Consistently work with each new creative opportunity and grow its brand and vision with integrity, quality and assurance. We are a company that demands perfection and our clients are diverse and demand creative excellence.

A few examples of our accomplishments are: Motley Crue the RED WHITE and CRUE Tour and many other rockers, musicians and tours. Beyonce Knowles, Sofia Sodervan, Etta James and various others on the movie Cadillac Records. Conde Nast Fashion Rocks where Beyonce Knowles performed live as Etta James. Many music productions however, our favorite was "Blues to the Bones," with Etta James, Sony BMG and Martin Scorsese, which resulted in Etta James winning a Grammy. Shows and executives at Chanel, Fox, NBC, Comcast, Universal, Sony, Paramount, HBO,MTV ,Logo and Disney. We worked in conjunction with our clients on various shows including but not limited to The Osbournes, Friends, SNL, Jay Leno, Ellen, Oprah and Tavis Smiley.

Due to our diverse clientage we have been influential in the publication of countless books, and writings in the Medcal, Science, Entertainment, Educational, Fashion, Biography and Auto Biography categories. Numerous award winning directors.

The company is run by an amazing team of young professionals and industry veterans. Anyone who has worked with us will agree that our humor, vision, heart and perfectionist ways make sure the product and client reaches their goals, within any budget and where possible helping the community.