Personal Assistants

Dedication + Professionalism = More time

Simply Consistent offers professional personal assistants and sober companions for the entertainment industry, corporations, and high-net worth individuals. Our assistants and companions are knowledgeable, trained and are required to sign and adhere to a confidentiality agreement. Discretion and 110% confidentiality is just as important as organizational and management skill.

Each client will have unique needs, and we ensure that we are aware of what each client expects prior to starting the contract. We have provided assistants for many entertainers such as Etta James, Mick Mars,The Osbournes and various other artists and executives.  Our assistants in most cases stay with our clients for one to five years.

Our president Kathleen Checki was in charge of the development, structure and management of the concierge patient program as well as the addiction recovery program for  Dr. David Kipper  as well as many other doctors on the East and West coast. Many doctors and celebrities use our personal assistants, sober coaches as well as our other services.

Do you find yourself wishing you had more time to organize your projects, life or simply more time to research the products, services and money making opportunities you need to reach your personal or business goals? Do you wish you had more time to be creative? Why not hire a Personal Assistant?

According to Dr. Stephen R. Covey, task delegation is one of the 7 habits of highly effective people. Hiring a personal assistant to whom to delegate those critical time-consuming tasks not only saves you time, it is smart business sense.

Our goal is to match our elite and chosen clientele with compatible, trustworthy assistants who make attending to our clients their priority.

On average our  Personal / Celebrity Assistant  and sober companions are paid somewhere between $30.00-$75.00 dollars per /hour; however, our experienced Personal Assistants may make more.