Great Service + Increased Profits = Successful Clients

I have been fortunate to be a client of Simply Consistent for over ten years. An excellent management team that always exceeds expectations and consistently incrreases the cash flow.- cora cap

Kathleen Checki is an Exceptional Leader, who Inspires, Motivates, Mentors, Develops and brings out the Very Best in her Staff. She expects nothing less of her Staff than what she gives of herself....One of the most Inspirational Manager's I have ever had the pleasure of working with, she made coming to work each day a Joy. March 1, 2014. Vetina Greer, Owner/ Operator/ Buyer at The Treasured Piece.

I had the privilege of working with Simply Consistent and Kathleen Checki as a personal assistant to two A level celebrities for three years and executive assistant to a high net –worth client for over 2 years. I can honestly say it was the best work experience I have had to date. I learned how to value my business practices, deliver excellent customer service, value others needs and their unique outlook on life and business concepts.

Kathleen Checki always goes the extra mile to ensure her employees and clients feel comfortable, heard and important by addressing and explaining the minuscule details of what is expected and desired with each client. As a talent and business manager she has a brilliant mind, strong voice, innovative ideas and will always do what's best for her clients. Kathleen Checki and Simply Consistent work with the utmost integrity. Kathleen is the most honest, reliable, trustworthy, charitable and intelligent woman I have had the privilege to work for. I recommend Simply Consistent Management and Kathleen Checki without hesitation.  Best Regards, Tamara Oliver

I worked as Kathleen Checki’s executive assistant for five years. It was wonderful working with Kathleen Checki. Although I was Kathleen’s assistant she never made me feel less than her. We complemented each other’s work style and created a productive team achieving results that left our clients exultant.

Kathleen Checki has the ability to recognize and identify others strengths and weaknesses in the correct way to achieve unprecedented consistent results with a happy and successful team. Kathleen was put into the lion’s den on a daily basis and each night our entire team left with a proud sense of accomplishment regardless of how difficult the tasks may have been. There isn't anything Kathleen cannot do. She is real and honest and looks people in the eye. I know Kathleen cares and will do what ever it takes to get the job done. Thank you for everything Wendi Hannigan

Kathleen Checki, is a motivated, spirited, organized and passionate leader who deliver's results. I am confident that the team at "Simply Consistent" are the leader's in delivering "The Best Results" in all business endeavors they are enlisted. Kathleen Checki, was always so inspiring to me as a Leader and Mentor. Best Wishes Always Tina Greer 

“Since working with Kathleen Checki and Simply Consistent my business has increased 2 fold. She's had some great promotional ideas and has become a staple in my business, as well as a friend! The whole experience has been a pleasure!” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative.
- Laura Burgo, hired Kathleen as a Management 

Peak Wellness has teamed up with renowned business consultant Kathleen Checki and with her company; Simply Consistent has forged a successful relationship, the result of which is Peak Wellness Beverly Hills. Simply Consistent has taken small businesses and opened a glass ceiling, allowing them to rise to the next level. Peak Wellness and Simply Consistent also proudly support Tiger Bar Sports, and 2008 Olympic Team hopefuls. - See more at: http://lastheplace.com/2007/08/06/peak-wellness-beverly-hills-celebrates-their-grand-opening/#sthash.dOCpzU8u.dpuf

"Kathleen Checki and Simply Consistent are a pleasure to work with. Very creative and excellent at what they do, above all so very human and absolutely approachable. I feel supported and energized by their commitment, and get wonderful guidance" Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.
- iBEn Larssen, hired Kathleen as a Manager 

“Kathleen Checki has been my manager for the last 2 plus years. She has helped shape my career as a writer/director and was instrumental in negotiating a deal that got my reality show optioned by Comcast. Kathleen is a dedicated, honest and passionate champion of my career; an invaluable asset in the entertainment industry. I look forward to growing and building my career as a writer/director alongside her and with her input and guidance. ” Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.
- Samantha Lavin , hired Kathleen as a Consultant 

JoJoHo+SeanyP - "Top Qualities: Great Results, Experts, High Integrity. We are Emmy and Grammy award winning artists.  Kathleen Checki and Simply Consistent are doing what they say they will do! They consistently think outside the box and invent new ways for our business to grow into more areas than we could have ever imagined! They are resourceful, respectful, creative and passionate about getting the job done right."

Alexander van Bubenheim - "Kathleen Checki is very responsive, fast and accurate. I love working with Simply Consistent, and they have great reputation in the market"

Jan Keefe II – “Kathleen Checki is an expert businesswoman who demonstrates a special skill that helps maximizes her clients' potential. She knows how to creatively find effective ways to increase profits. In an economic climate that is in such turmoil right now, that can be a very difficult task indeed! However, Kathleen knows just what to do. I am honored to have her as one of my colleagues, and I highly recommend her and her company! :-)”

“Simply Marvelous!!!!!!! Kathleen Checki and her staff is an asset to any business. As a client I could not recommend a more knowledgeable or innovative team of professionals. Whatever your need this team will meet and exceed them with what seems like little to no effort. I cannot express to anyone how incredible the ideas that come forward and the money that comes with the execution of those ideas. I recommend them without hesitation! Jaime Lee Smith in Los Angeles, CA

“Simply Consistent is a company that provides excellent business management and advice. They have me get my ideas to the right people. It is often said that you need someone "in the know" to help you get from point A to Z -- Simply Consistent is that great guide through a forest of uncertainty. I thank Simply Consistent for helping guide me and would recommend them to others!” Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, and Creative. Noreen Grice Astronomer, Educator and Owner of You Can Do Astronomy, LLC

“Ms.Checki has been and continues to be an asset toward the continued success of my company. She has provided creative solutions to my past organizations, which had contributed to the success of my past companies. Her out of the box thinking with Logo Hooks Corporation has contributed to the successful launch of this new Out of Home Billboard Company and Advertising Agency. Her innovative solutions have been an asset to yet another Company in which I have founded. I have used her Company since 1999 and is presently using her based on the success of past Companies in which I have founded. I recommend Simply Consistent to any organization wishing to succeed. Her knowledge is invaluable and I have yet to find any other Company to compete with her. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, and Creative. Donna M. Floros Inventor/President Logo Hooks. Inc.”
Hired Kathleen Checki as a Business Consultant i, and hired Kathleen more than once

“My experience while working with Kathleen Checki proved to be one of the most rewarding and enriching periods of my career. Watching her establish relationships, build teams and motivate people through her passion, enthusiasm and commitment helped guide my own career growth. She has an uncanny sense to understand situations, a tremendous ability to anticipate and thorough business knowledge.”  John DeSimone, Store Manager to District Manager, Wilson’s Leather
Reported to Kathleen at Simply Consistent

“I worked with Kathleen Checki on a very large project that deals with obesity in children. Kathleen is professional and organized and has the ability to direct others to stay on task. Kathleen managed to partition the project and delegate pieces of it to match the individual strengths of members of her team. In doing so, Kathleen was able to create a comprehensive program that was well defined, scientifically accurate and successfully packaged along with a DVD in an expeditious manner. I recommend Kathleen to anyone that has a desire to enhance or promote their business and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”  Laura Venner, Astronomy/Environmental Educator/Observatory specialist, New Jersey Meadowlands Environment Center
Reported to Kathleen at Simply Consistent

“Kathleen Checki is resourceful, truthful, and creative. The person I want managing my company, she will get you noticed. Your business will profit and grow beyond your expectations. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, and Creative.” Jerome Coviello
Hired Kathleen as a Business Consultant

“Kathleen Checki and her staff is an asset to any business. As a client I could not recommend a more knowledgeable or innovative team of professionals. Whatever your need this team will meet and exceed them with what seems like little to no effort. I cannot express to anyone how incredible the ideas that come forward and the money that comes with the execution of those ideas. I recommend them without hesitation!”  Gammon

“My Company had been asked to come on board with Club Med. in 2001. We were offered the opportunity to meet with them at their Headquarters in Miami and present a package to them directly. We had 2 days notice. I got referred to Kathleen Checki. From a business associate who highly recommended her to me. Someone had recommended him to her in his network. I called her while I was with him. They moved fast. I still remember when I got my package from them. I was excited it was finished, in time, for us to catch a red eye from LAX. It was done with perfection. We presented and walked through the package with Club Med. They looked at us and said how fast can you bring your Company into all of our Resorts? Success. Getting referred to Kathleen Checki in 2001 was the greatest referral and the key to our success starting 2001 - Present. Simply Consistent currently holds Top Strategic Alliance position within our Company's Organization. Brilliant solutions!!”  never enough

“Simply Consistent has been my business management and consulting firm for 7 years and my business has more than doubled. If you are looking for a team of experts to increase your profit, keep your confidentiality and assist you in pretty much every area of your life. Simply Consistent is that Company. I highly recommend them.”  Charles G

“For the last 8 years and currently I have had the pleasure of being a client of Simply Consistent. The solutions and services that this talented team delivers are exceptional. No matter what your needs you can ensure they will be delivered in an efficient, simple, effective, confidential, profitable and high quality manner. In 8 years they have never disclosed my name or broken my confidentiality. Their innovative solutions continue to be effective and positive to the bottom line of my business and career. Simply Consistent consists of a great team of professionals with good character, exceptional integrity, and creative forward thinking and will undoubtedly add tremendous value to any business or personal client they are involved with.”  HAPPY

“Simply Consistent is a Godsend: Simply Consistent's staff will help you through any crisis in addition to fulfilling all of your needs. This firm creates Websites, provides nursing, consulting in a wide variety of areas and furnishes their clients with whatever they need to succeed. Simply Consistent will even provide personal assistants to individuals! This company is innovative and forward thinking and is, as the title of this review states, a Godsend. They help to simplify your life so you can concentrate on the areas of your life that need your full attention. Thanks to Simply Consistent, Kathleen  Checkiin particular, I had the time to pursue research and education and am now a fully-fledged scientist. Thank you Simply Consistent!” Darciawolfe